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Red Cathedral Car Gear Shifter Cover (1 pc)

Red Cathedral Car Gear Shifter Cover (1 pc)

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The "Red Cathedral" product collection draws inspiration from the ornate and awe-inspiring architecture of medieval cathedrals, with a particular emphasis on the dramatic and evocative red hues found in this deliciously blood red Gothic damask. This collection combines the timeless elegance of Gothic aesthetics with modern functionality and sophistication.

* High-quality from neoprene material 

* Universal Fit suitable for use in all kinds of a cars or SUVs

* Protect your car's hand brake or gear shifter from damage, scratches and dust

* Easy to install with elasticated bottom to ensure a nice snug fit

* Machine washable, just let it air dry

***Please note, that this car shifter gear cover will go into production when you order it. Please allow some time for it to be made and shipped to you, (You should see estimates of shipping rates and times upon checking out) This method of "we don't make it until you order it" keeps garment waste down, which is great news for our beautiful planet.

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