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Garden of Stone Curve Cosmetic Bag

Garden of Stone Curve Cosmetic Bag

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The Garden of Stone collection is a stunning series of meticulously designed products inspired by tombstones and cemetery statues, seamlessly blending Gothic aesthetics with the beauty of decay. This collection seeks to capture the mystique, beauty, and timelessness associated with these elements of Gothic architecture and art.

* The main material is high quality Vegan Leather, Polyurethane (PU) 

* Lightweight and smooth zipper with a removable handle.

* Portable with large internal capacity for a wide variety of cosmetics and travel size toiletries.

* Ideal for daily use and travel.

**Please note, that this bag will go into production when you order it. Thus, it will take some time to be made and shipped to you, (You should see estimates of shipping rates and times upon checking out) This method of "we don't make it until you order it" keeps garment waste down, which is great news for our beautiful planet. 

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